All Lunatik® products come with 1-Year Limited Replacement Warranty. 

Lunatik products are made with care and covered for one year against manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase of the product through an authorized Lunatik seller. Lunatik does not warrant, and is not responsible of, any smartphone, tablet or other device made by any manufacturer other than Lunatik. If a defect arises in the materials or workmanship warranted by Lunatik, Lunatik will replace that unit or part as long as it falls within the warranty constraints. Lunatik reserves the right to charge a shipping and handling fee in connection with the fulfillment of any valid claim. This Limited Warranty does not cover cosmetic wears discoloring or other flaws due to normal use, accidents, improper use and modification to the product renders this warranty null and void. Products that have been altered or modified are not covered. Products used on YouTube (videos, reviews, tests, etc.) are not covered.

To claim the warranty, customer will need to furnish the Invoice as ‘proof of purchase’. Customer may be asked to provide photo(s) and video(s) as proof that will help in faster resolution. Failing to provide any of these (if requested) will result in closure of claim.

NOTE: Products purchased only on official Lunatik website or from our Authorized Seller will be eligible for warranty. Original Lunatik® products are currently available only through Lunatik and Groot websites only.

BEWARE: We do not sell or supply Lunatik® products to other sellers. All products with lunatik branding sold on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, BestBuy, ebay, Lazada, Aliexpress, etc. are counterfeit copies. These are cheaply built fakes made with low-end materials, that cannot protect your expensive device when it needs real protection.

We will not be responsible for warranty or any type of claims for a counterfeit copy of Lunatik® product(s).

To make a warranty claim, email us the details on [email protected]